Seamless Cross-Functional Technology Integration & Alignment

The right technology should help your company operate more efficiently, enabling streamlined business processes that maximize cash flow and empower your people to produce. With experience across the industry-leading technology options, Hart Vida Raffo helps your business find the best information system for the unique demands of your business, facilitating productive and scalable growth.

A Whole-Business Approach

Hart Vida Raffo takes a whole-business approach when making technology recommendations, looking not only at individual processes, but at the company’s cross-functional business needs and overall strategic objectives. Our technology strategy prioritizes the alignment of technology across the firm to achieve top value and deliver smart solutions, enabling significant process improvements while minimizing business impact.

Project Management

With Hart Vida Raffo on your team, executing your technology strategy is a seamless, straightforward endeavor.  We manage your system implementation and integration project using agile and responsive project management methodologies that encourage incremental change and keep technology projects focused on project priorities.

Is technology supporting your business, or is it the other the way around? Contact Hart Vida Raffo if you’re ready to take control of your tech, or continue reading to learn more about our approach to M&A integration.