Delivering Real Value with M&A Results

Between deal preparation, due diligence, integration, and compliance, the merger and acquisition process can be a significant drain on a company’s resources. Hart Vida Raffo assists our clients throughout the grueling M&A process to deliver true value and leverage the financial/strategic benefits presented by a merger or acquisition opportunity.

Pre- and Post-Deal Services

Whether on the buy or sell side, Hart Vida Raffo prepares your company for your upcoming M&A deal, including development of the pro-forma financials, analyzing pricing and valuation, performing due diligence, and advising on deal structure. Post-transaction, we facilitate process and system integration, as well as provide transitional accounting and management services for your business.

Effective Integration for Lasting Results

Many mergers and acquisitions fail to deliver the value expected, typically because the post-deal integration is not properly executed. Hart Vida Raffo takes a whole-business approach to ensure that mergers and acquisitions deliver real benefits. Our integration work secures:

  • Strategic Alignment – We deliver real and measurable value by achieving specific strategic objectives.
  • Operational Excellence – Our integration efforts maximize cost savings, improve performance, and increase cash flow.
  • Compliance – We deliver standardized processes and systems that simplify training, streamline reporting, and enhance compliance with local, state, federal, investment, and banking authorities.

Are you struggling to reap the benefits of your latest M&A deal? Contact Hart Vida Raffo for improved integration and expert deal prep guidance, or continue reading to learn more about Hart Vida Raffo.