Maximize Your Business with FlowFirst™

You’ve heard all the theories: VBM, TQM, Kaizen, Kepner-Tregoe… As any business leader knows, there are no shortage of arcane acronyms, complex models, and overly-academic concepts trying to turn business management into rocket science. Hart Vida Raffo’s approach – based on decades of hands-on practical experience – is different.

We see each business as two very simple questions: What do you do? And how do you do it?

You already know what you do. Hart Vida Raffo is here to help you focus on the how – the everyday processes that build the foundation of your business.

FlowFirst-final-diagram.11.26.2013Hart Vida Raffo’s proprietary FlowFirst™ model is a groundbreaking new approach to business management. Based on the philosophy that cash flow is the key to valuation, the FlowFirst™ model defines a business as the aggregation and integration of Sales Flow, Operational Flow, and Financial Flow. Whether growing your business or strategizing for an exit, maximizing the efficiency of each of these three flows will generate higher cash flow and enable your company to achieve its goals.

At their core, each of these business flows is a combination of process, people, and technology. At Hart Vida Raffo, we focus on process, then people, then technology – that’s simply the only way it works. If you focus on people first, then individuals will develop independent solutions to business problems, and those solutions won’t be easily transferred to others or leveraged for growth. If you focus on technology first, then you will be restricted to the limits of the technology selected and will be hindered when it comes time to grow or adapt to a changing market. Only by putting process first can your company align its people and technology behind one common strategy, enabling consistent, efficient, and effective scalable execution.

In short, the FlowFirst™ model optimizes and integrates the processes, people, and technologies that support Sales Flow, Operational Flow, and Financial Flow – which ultimately drives cash flow and the valuation of your business. The FlowFirst™ paradigm takes the high-end thinking about corporate strategy and converts it to a practical, clear-cut business management model that your company can use to ensure a robust financial future.

Our team at Hart Vida Raffo has the experience to identify where your current business processes are coming up short and the tools to improve those processes, whether it’s integration of a new technology/reporting system or simply a different strategy for managing day-to-day operations. Hart Vida Raffo will find the gaps, fix the processes, and implement the infrastructure to maximize your flows and kick your company into high gear.

Is your company laying the groundwork for success by putting process first? Contact Hart Vida Raffo if you’re ready for a better approach, or continue reading to learn more about our process improvement.