More Than Just an Accountant – A Consultative CFO Advisor

Hart Vida Raffo is more than just a CPA firm – we’re a team of experienced CFO Advisors and consultative partners for your business.

The CFO’s world has changed dramatically. Most of today’s CFO roles encompass more skills and knowledge than one person can reasonably be expected to have amassed. Hart Vida Raffo has broad expertise across the full spectrum of CFO responsibilities, and our firm provides more personalized attention and a better price than the major accounting and consulting firms.

Our team understands every aspect of the CFO’s role, from corporate strategy to technology systems, to M&A integration, to advanced strategic planning and capital management – and we’re ready to fill the gaps in your financial team’s capacity. And unlike traditional consulting firms, execution is our specialty – Hart Vida Raffo couples straightforward and practical advice with hands-on implementation, translating expertise across functional areas to help you refine the core processes that drive your business.

From business strategy and process improvement to technology systems integration, Hart Vida Raffo’s experienced team of energetic leaders has the knowledge, tools, and expertise your business needs to maximize cash flow and operate at full speed.

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