Case Studies

The following case studies represent just a small selection of Hart Vida Raffo clients who have benefited from our firm’s expertise:

Maximizing Cash Flow and Tax Savings in Real Estate Construction

A medical doctor constructed a $2.5 million private clinic which his original accountant depreciated over a 39 year life, but this 39 year depreciation life created an increase in taxable income and did not maximize cash flow for expenses that could have been better utilized in the startup years.  Hart Vida Raffo determined that the property was eligible for accelerated depreciation, resulting in larger deductions over a shorter depreciation period. Read more >

Integrating Operational Flow and Financial Flow

A very successful executive search firm with five office locations was having trouble generating monthly financial statements and management reports, and as the firm continued to grow, they found themselves lacking key financial information resulting in unnecessary reconciliations and a negative impact on financial flow. Hart Vida Raffo integrated missing financial data into the company’s new accounting system, reducing double entries and eliminating the need to expend additional capital on manual reconciliations. Read more >

Maximizing the Tax Benefits of Leasehold Improvements

A privately held real estate company invested almost $1.9 million to improve various lease properties, which were typically depreciated over a life of 39 years. However, this 39 year depreciation life was longer than the lease term itself, resulting in negative cash flow. Hart Vida Raffo’s annual review revealed that the client’s former tax preparer had not taken advantage of relevant depreciation laws which would enable lease properties to be depreciated over a 15 year recovery period. By accelerating the depreciation schedule, the client was eligible for larger tax deductions over a shorter period of time. Read more >