Experienced Tax Strategists for Year-Round Support

Hart Vida Raffo is interested in clients who see beyond tax season – as a consultative financial partner 12 months out of the year, Hart Vida Raffo is always ready to assist with corporate tax management, strategic tax planning, and audit assistance.  Smart tax management begins well before April, and Hart Vida Raffo has the business and private client expertise you need to navigate the complexities of the tax system with grace.

Corporate Tax Management

Unlike the personal sphere, business taxes are not simply an annual fire drill.  For companies, the tax cycle runs throughout the year as sales and use tax, payroll tax, real estate and property tax, and business incentive tax credits all contribute to an ongoing reporting and filing obligation.  Hart Vida Raffo manages your company’s tax cycle and provides tax advisory services all year long, making sure you’re compliant with the laws and that you’re leveraging the latest changes in tax code to maximize your opportunities for incentives and credits.

Tax Research & Planning

Tax laws are complicated and ever-changing.  Hart Vida Raffo provides the expertise to understand your unique tax situation and determine the most effective solutions for your business.  We can help your firm complete tax code research, understand the tax implications of mergers and acquisitions, identify strategies to defer and reduce tax liabilities, manage start-ups, and review corporate structure.  Your company will never navigate the murky waters of the tax code alone with Hart Vida Raffo by your side.

Private Client

Hart Vida Raffo’s Private Client tax service is designed for the small and independent business owner, the high net worth individual, estates  and trusts, or family offices that require sophisticated and experienced tax planning and preparation services.  Our team works seamlessly with your financial advisors and family office to identify available options and take full advantage of opportunities to defer and manage tax liabilities to meet your financial objectives.

Tax Audit & Examination Services

An audit or examination can be a difficult and stressful process for any business, but Hart Vida Raffo will be by your side to guide you through the process and serve as an advocate for your company.  Leveraging years of experience and expertise to advise on the best course of action regarding federal, state or local tax matters, Hart Vida Raffo can assist in securing payment plans, negotiating penalties, and preparing supporting documentation and analysis.

Are you utilizing the optimal tax strategy?  Contact Hart Vida Raffo for expert assistance, or continue reading to learn more about our CFO Advisory services.