Your Company: Running Like a Well-Oiled Machine

Hart Vida Raffo’s FlowFirst™ management model focuses on the critical drivers that maximize cash flow – Sales Flow, Operating Flow, and Financial Flow.  Each of these flows relate to the core processes, people and systems that enable your business to excel.  Hart Vida Raffo provides the accounting and financial controls, staff, and systems that will elevate your business to the next level.


Sales Flow

No business exists without sales.  From quote to order to invoice to payment, the process of generating sales and collecting cash is the lifeblood of any business.  Hart Vida Raffo provides the infrastructure and processes needed to accurately record and report sales activity and cash collections, enabling your sales machine to churn.

Operating Flow

Your company must be able to deliver what it sells, and that means it’s essential to plan and manage your purchases and expenditures to make sure you have what you need, when you need it.  Hart Vida Raffo manages your requisitions, purchasing, accounts payable, and cash disbursements to ensure that you can focus on execution and custom satisfaction.

Financial Flow

A smart business is run by the numbers.  To plan and execute your business well, you need information – about your financial condition, your profit margin, your cash flow, and more.  Hart Vida Raffo puts in place the processes and procedures your business needs to get a real-time view of your company’s performance, equipping you with the information required for strong short-term operational and long-term strategic decision-making.

Financial Reporting

Financial information is the single most important tool in your company’s arsenal. Without accurate and timely financial reports, your business leadership is flying blind. Hart Vida Raffo has the expertise and hands-on experience to perform monthly account reconciliations, calculate depreciation and amortization, and record significant transactions with outside vendors – such as payroll, insurance, and logistics providers – that affect your company’s financial position.

Planning & Analysis

You can only manage what you measure. Even the best laid plans will fall short without relevant, quantifiable metrics for success to help you gauge progress against your goals. Hart Vida Raffo provides the guidance your financial team needs to develop a robust, measurable financial plan, and then works with you to analyze the variances in the numbers and understand where there are opportunities to improve. Our firm gives you the insight you need to manage effectively and meet your objectives.

Is your company ready to maximize Sales, Operational, and Financial Flow?  Contact Hart Vida Raffo to start today, or continue reading to learn more about our tax services.